Fresno Humane Animal Services is proud to offer County residents assistance through our community cat program.

The services we currently offer are:

·         Low-cost spay and neuter for feral cats

·         Rehoming of friendly, healthy kittens

·         Trap-Neuter/Spay-Release of feral cats

Cost for vaccination and spay/neuter is $25 per cat, but fees may be negotiable depending on financial need and available funding.  Appointments must be made in person during regular business hours.  Drop-off appointments will be scheduled for 7:30 am - 8:00 am, Monday-Wednesday.

If you have a mom with kittens, mama kitty cannot be spayed until 4 months after giving birth.  Don’t wait any longer, as females can become pregnant almost immediately after finishing a litter!  Pregnant cats may also be spayed to avoid unwanted litters.

Kittens may be brought in for evaluation for our adoption program.  Upon approval, FHAS provides basic vaccinations, dewormer, flea treatment, and spay/neuter surgery once kittens reach the 2-pound weight mark.  Kittens under 2 pounds will be vaccinated and sent home until ready for spay/neuter.  Kittens must be friendly and handleable in order to be put up for adoption at our off-site venues--we encourage you to socialize them while they are in your care.  We ask that any kittens that are treated through Fresno Humane NOT be given away or re-homed privately.

If it’s a feral cat that is unable to be handled or picked up safely, it must be brought to the shelter in a humane cat trap at 7:30 am - 8:00 am any morning Monday-Wednesday.  Do NOT bring trapped cats for drop-off Thursday-Sunday, as we will not be able to take them.  The cat will be returned to you spayed/neutered with its ear tipped to identify it as fixed and vaccinated.  The trap will be returned to you with the cat inside.  Please release fixed cats back into their home territory.  For more information on why T-N-R is the best solution for community cats, visit the Alley Cat Allies website at  You’ll also find helpful tips on how to trap and tend to feral cats humanely.