Fresno Humane Animal Services contracts with the County of Fresno to perform animal control services.

WE DO TAKE IN (open intake):

Stray dogs from Fresno County’s unincorporated areas

Sick & and injured kitties from Fresno County’s unincorporated areas

OWNER SURRENDER POLICY (managed intake):

Surrenders are considered after behavior assessment only, and only as space allows. If accepted, a $50 owner surrender fee will be charged (we do take into consideration financial hardship cases). We encourage owners to attempt responsible rehoming or to contact no-kill rescues before considering surrender to the shelter.

The following animals may NOT be taken into the shelter:

Stray dogs from the City of Fresno, City of Clovis or other incorporated cities.

Healthy stray cats will be scanned for a microchip, but should be returned safely where they were found. T-N-R may be an option (fix and return).

Feral cats can be humanely trapped and brought in Monday-Wednesday between 7:30-8:00 am for T-N-R. They will be spayed/neutered and returned (by the finder) where they were found.

Kittens under will only be taken if space allows—we encourage “Foster-Finders” to care for kittens until they are ready for spay/neuter and adoption.