Never Stop Looking: Spirit's Journey Home

Spirit's mommy, Sherry, first came to Fresno Humane on January 23, 2016 distraught that her fur-baby, a chocolate Labrador Retriever was lost in Shaver Lake in the snow.  She looked for her dog that wandered off her property and followed the foot prints until there were no more prints to follow.  Sherry came weekly to all the local animal shelters searching for Spirit.  She posted on Facebook lost and found pages, Craigslist, and made lost postcards to disperse in the mailboxes of all the neighbors.  On July 5, 2016, Spirit was found by a large animal veterinarian near Fowler, CA (60 miles away).  Being a vet, she knew to have the dog scanned for a chip and drove it to Fresno Humane Animal Services, her local animal control agency to do so. Thanks to Spirit' microchip information being kept up-to-date we were able to make the happy call that we found Spirit!  Sherry was on vacation in Kauai, HI when she got the call.  She said, “I was in disbelief, I was screaming and my husband thought I was having a heart attack”.   She had her mom rush over to pick her up.  We wonder what happened to Spirit along her 60-mile journey but suspect that someone saw a friendly adorable dog and drove her to their home and she got out of their backyard.  Maybe they didn’t know to scan for a microchip.  Spirit's mom, Sherry, wants to share her love and gratitude, so she came in and purchased 15 microchips for the public to get their dogs microchipped for free.   Spirit wants to remind you to love your pets by giving them a voice when you're not there. #microchipsreuniteslostpets #microchipssavelives

Co-written by Amanda Allen, Community Outreach Coordinator & Sherry (Spirits Mommy)