Fresno H.A.S. HEART!

The Shih Tzu featured in the pictures is A30763723.  I call him Moxie, but that is not his real name.  Truthfully, I don't know his name or if he will ever be called his real name again.  He is a stray dog at Fresno Humane Animal Services.   He arrived in a matted mess of hair and stickers.  As soon as I saw him, I drove home to get my clippers.  I had to make this fluff-ball more comfortable.  He was an agitated, grumpy little guy but who could blame him?  Once I carefully got the mats off his head, he was behaving more and more grateful.  I even got a kiss on my face once he knew that I was there to help him and not harm him.  I was able to see his clean, very white teeth.  This beautiful boy is young and has a lifetime of love to give.  He was still a little anxious once we got to his back feet and every once in a while he would strike at the clippers just to show me he could hurt me if he wanted to.  Lucky for me he didn't want to.  It was a long process of changing from scissors to clippers but eventually a diamond came from the rough, or should I say "ruff"?  Now, I am by no means a groomer but I have had years of practice grooming my Cocker Spaniel and Poodle-Terrier, both adopted from a local animal control facility, btw. And I had to do something, I couldn't just leave him miserable and grumpy.  If you would like to support this kind of compassionate animal control in your county please think adoption 1st, spay/neuter your pets and sponsor your neighbor's pets to be fixed, vaccinate and microchip your pets and start a collection drive of towels, dawn dish-soap, garbage bags, grooming supplies, newspapers, blankets, office supplies, etc.  We could always use monetary donations to help with veterinary care as every single animal that comes through our doors gets vaccinated, all adopted animals get fixed and microchipped and all injured and sick animals get treated.  Also, animals can't get adopted if people don't know we are here. us on Facebook and share our stories with your friends!

Paws crossed for Moxie that he gets a wonderful new home soon!


Amanda Allen, Community Outreach Coordinator