Ceilia's Healing Story

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Ceilia (A37308095) came into our emergency hospital, Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center, (South of Blackstone & Herndon) on December 3, 2017.  She was turned in by a “Good Sam” who found her with a rope embedded in her neck.  “Our doctors and techs said this was one of the worst cases they had ever seen” said Brenda Mitchell, Fresno Humane Animal Services Board President, who received the call to pick Ceilia up to figure out what to do next.  The emergency hospital cleaned the wound removed the rope and sent her off with antibiotics.  Mitchell wears many hats, one of the hats that keeps her busiest is rescue coordinator for Fresno Humane.  It is her job to find a happy ending for Ceilia.  She posted Ceilia in our rescue group on Facebook and pleaded for help.  Mitchell knew Ceilia would need ongoing medical care and a safe sterile environment to heal from her severe lacerations to her neck. Our friends at Valley Animal Center answered her plea for help and came to meet Ceilia and take her into their care.

Ashley Slusher, Animal Care Manager for Valley Animal Center said they took her immediately to their shelter veterinarian, Dr. Magnuson. She said Dr. Magnuson sprung to action and began the surgery to sew up her neck wound leaving only a small space at the base of the throat for drainage.   Slusher said Dr. Magnuson has been in veterinary medicine over 30 years and not much can shock her, but Ceilia’s wounds did.  “The wound was over 2 inches wide and in some spots the lacerations were very deep. Dr. Magnuson took over 2 hours to complete Ceilia’s first surgery,” Slusher said, Ceilia will need a second surgery in a few weeks to completely sew up the wound once it has finished draining and to spay her.  Slusher stated, “Dr. Magnuson believed the dog had been tied up with a rope too tightly and Ceilia had been struggling against the rope to escape for at least 6 weeks to have created this type of wound”.  

Angyla Brumm, Animal Services Supervisor for Fresno County, stated, “it’s against Fresno County ordinance code: 9.04.055”. 

Code 9.04.055 states, 4. No person shall tether, fasten, chain, tie,or restrain a dog, or cause a dog to be tethered fastened, chained, tied, or restrained to a doghouse, tree, fence or other stationary object.

Brumm pleaded, “Put yourself in that rope for a moment. You wouldn’t like it either”. Brumm said, “this ultimately resulted from the inability to properly secure the dog and keep her safe”.

Ceilia is on the mend and Valley Animal Center is thinking about her future now.  “Ceilia is a doll!” and “She loves people and loves toys!” Slusher also said, “We are working on her manners as she is an excitable jumper but very smart she has already learned sit, stay and lie down”. They have started harness fittings to get her acclimated to harness walking, as they believe it is best to never have her wear anything around her neck again to limit trauma.  Slusher said with a smile, “She has that German Shepherd stubbornness as I watched a few of my staff struggle to get her harness on; it was quite comical.”  After healing and gaining some necessary weight, Ceilia will be available for adoption come February so look to Valley Animal Center’s Web site and social media platforms for the latest news.

Mitchell said of Ceilia, “She had the great attention of vets and caring shelters all she needs now is a loving home to spoil her for the rest of her life. It’s got the makings of a happily-ever-after!”.

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Written by Amanda Allen, Community Outreach Coordinator